Upstart Cat Dressmaking

About your seamstress

Kathryn Morrow is a born and raised Vancouverite with a long-standing passion for the handmade. Beginning with tiny handmade toys and her own summer dresses, Kathryn has been sewing for over 20 years. For the past 5 years, Kathryn has dedicated herself to studying fashion design and construction, learning pattern drafting, tailoring, couture techniques and construction methods. She also diligently works daily to improve her skills with detail, quality and finish. Every garment is a work of art with attention and care paid to every stitch.

Services and Rates


My basic rate includes preparation of patterns, all construction of the garment, fittings and alterations. This rate does not include the cost of patterns, fabric and/or notions. You can choose to supply your own pattern, fabric and notions or I can offer suggestions based on inspiration images or conversation at our initial consultation.

If you are unsure what to purchase, I am happy to offer pattern and fabric suggestions or supply a choice of options to select from. Any materials I purchase on your behalf plus the time to source, will be added to the total project cost.

Alterations /per item

Simple alterations such as adjusting hemlines or sleeve length, or simple repairs are inexpensive, usually under $20. More complex alterations such as re-sizing or re-shaping may be more costly. I will discuss the options and costs with you before beginning any work.

Guidelines for costing a project


A free 30-minute consultation is included in all projects. The consultation is a time to discuss all the details of your project. If you are supplying the pattern, fabric and notions, this is a great time to bring them along. If you are requesting this process be done for you, or would like something custom designed, please bring inspiration pictures, drawings and/or swatches. Your personal measurements will also be taken at this time so please wear something lightweight and close-fitting to the body for the most accurate measurements.


Custom estimates will be supplied before work begins on a project. Estimates are based on the style and complexity of the garment, if pattern drafting or alteration to a pattern is required and the type of fabric desired.  I make every effort to fairly and accurately estimate a project so there are no surprises. However, if an unexpected issue arises during the project that will significantly increase the cost, I will contact the client before proceeding.

Typical Project Costs

You can visit the Project Inspiration page to get an idea of what individual projects will cost. Here also is a guideline to typical maximum costs, however please note that each project is different and fabric choice, garment complexity and number of fittings can change the cost.

Basic day dress, top or skirt
(cotton or polyester fabric, little embellishment, either no closure or a basic zipper, sleeveless)
$25-35 for fabric, $65 labour (up to 4 hours)

Complex day dress, pants or button down shirt
(shirt dress with collar and/or sleeves, button closures, or those with colour blocking or multiple fabrics, or difficult fabrics such as silk)
$50 for fabric,  $135 labour (up to 9 hours)

Outerwear, evening or cocktail dress
$80 – $150 for fabric (can vary greatly), $225 for labour (up to 15 hours)

$15-$40 for fabric, $60 – $135 labour (up to 9 hours, depends on style of suit)

Formal or wedding dress
Fabric varies greatly depending on quality can be upwards of $250, labour can also vary depending on complexity of gown, upwards of $300


Please email to get to work on your project. I look forward to working with you!