Pink Baby Dress


A friend of mine is having a baby girl shortly and I was inspired to create a cute dress for her as a shower gift. Not knowing a lot about babies, I took to the internet and found the world of baby clothing is so heart-stoppingly precious and I finally understood why people have children. It’s for the clothing!

Baby Dress inspiration

Seriously, look at this cuteness.

via Etsy

via Etsy

Realizing I had given myself just a couple of days to pattern, sew and wrap this gift, I decided on a simple design that would be easy to draw up. I settled on something similar to this tie shoulder number. It reminded me of vintage dresses from the 50s, especially in this cherry print.

Etsy 2

Via Etsy

For my project, I drew up a quick bodice pattern with slightly shorter, rounder ties and a shorter waist. I then added a gathered skirt and a contrast band. I used a cotton knit as the outer fabric and a sport mesh for the inside lining and hem detail, which makes the dress easy to wash. The knit is also more forgiving, so the baby will hopefully get a few more weeks of wear out of it. Babies grow so fast and your most adorable outfits are soon too small. I also added a sweet flower petal appliqué with a scrap of vintage rose print cotton I had already. The whole project took just one evening and it is so cute, I wish it was adult sized so I could wear it. There are more images of the finished dress in my Gallery.

Fabric and notions $10
Labour $25

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