Velveteen Rabid

Even though it’s 30 degrees here, it’s still coming up on the end of August and I am not immune to the lure of the fuzzy wools, sweater knits and rich colours in the stores right now. I’m a fall girl at heart. I love stomping on crunchy leaves, sipping steaming cups of spicy tea and my scarf collection is unrivaled. However there is one thing in particular that I’m fantasizing about while sitting in front of a fan drowning in iced beverages: velvet. The fall runways were COVERED in it. Not literally of course, that would be dangerous. But jackets, gowns, jumpsuits, shoes…you name it, it came in velvet. Just google “Fall 2016 Fashion Trends” and you will see what I mean.

The red one on the right has such a fantastic 90s goth-Winona Ryder thing going on. I was further obsessed when I saw an older episode of New Girl where fashion icon for the adorable, Jess Day, wore this little number while trying to seduce the sweet British man. It’s both sexy and sweet and the colour is so rich, I want to pour it in a glass and drink it.

And then the final straw was when I saw this floating around on some sewing blogs, namely this one.

I’m done. That’s it. It has to happen. So now I’m thinking about what pattern I can use to make something similar to this fabulous blue fantasy. I really love the side pleats on the skirt and the gathered shoulders, both of which could be easily added to a basic pattern.

Vogue V2903 seems a likely option. It has a similar neckline and  the simple addition of a button placket would make it similar to Jess’s more gothic vibe. It also has inverted box pleats already, which could be shuffled to the side to create a similar shape to the blue one, or left as is. Jess’s dress is a bit sexier with the lower neckline, which would be easy to accomplish, but I’ll have to decide how risque I feel like being with this one.

I also own the Vintage Shirt Dress from Sew Over It that could work if I removed the collar and kept the button placket. I could widen the neckline to get the nice shoulder grazing elegance found in the blue one. Bonus is that I have already altered this pattern to fit, so it would require less work to get right. It also already has pleats at the waist and gathers at the shoulder so it would be fairly simple to add extra fabric to those areas to create the fullness at the side and and neckline.

I may start playing with the shirt dress and see where it gets me. I already have that one, so before i buy yet another pattern, I should see if I can get ones I have to do what I want. Check back for updates on my progress. Viva la Velvet!

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